Fire Fighters

Attacks on firefighters in Greater Manchester goes up by 138%

Firefighters are amazing people as are all of our emergency services, they put their lives on the line to make sure everyone is safe, so why are people throwing bricks at them? or stones like in Bolton the other day, where a firefighter was hit on the head by a stone, only because he was wearing a helmet he was saved from injury.

Parents need to have a talk with their kids about how important firefighters are in a way they will understand, children will think its just a game, a game that could ultimately cost lives, this is no game, and it is now time for immediate action to stop this stupidity once and for all!

Although the latest incident was in Bolton, here in Trafford attacks on Firefighters has increased, the message is clear for all in Greater Manchester, attacks must stop with immediate effect.

After the Bolton incident Area Manager Paul Etches, GMFRS head of prevention said: “I am really saddened to hear of yet another attack on our firefighters who are trying to help people of Greater Manchester, our staff work with local communities to try to educate children in particular about these issues, but sadly we are still seeing these incidents increase.

“The latest attack resulted in one of our staff members being hit with a stone, luckily the stone hit the firefighters helmet and they weren’t injured and were able to remain in work, but this could have been much worse.

“We’re now approaching the Halloween and Bonfire period which is extremely busy time for GMFRS and the other emergency services and incidents like this cause distress to our staff who are just doing their jobs, and puts lives at risk, I would urge everyone to think about the impact these incidents have on their communities and please ensure they know where their children are as the evenings get darker.”






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