Cycling Event

Cycling manifesto gets cycling on the move in Greater Manchester

Love Your Bike together with over 30 businesses and organisations across Greater Manchester including British Cycling, Cycling UK and Sustrans have created the “Getting Moving: a cycling manifesto for Greater Manchester” which highlights 5 headline actions:

* Political leadership & governance that facilitate the transition to a cycling city
* High standards of design to enable all people to cycle confidently and safely
* Sustained promotion of cycling as a mode of transport
* Safe cycling and safe driving through facilitation and enforcement
* Integration of cycling with other modes of transport

By appointing, Chris Boardman as Cycling & Walking Commissioner, Andy Burnham, the new GM Mayor has demonstrated political leadership on cycling & walking.

TFGM ‘has a target of 10% of all journeys in Greater Manchester to be made by bicycle by 2025, for this to happen it will take all those with the power to step up and be counted, showing their real commitments to bring a truly cycling friendly city.
The recently completed Oxford Road Corridor cycle route has shown that protected cycle lanes are possible and evaluation reports show a doubling of the number of people cycling on this route.

Catherine Thomson, from Manchester Friends of the Earth’s Love Your Bike campaign said: “We know that many people would like to cycle but they do not feel safe on our busy and congested roads.

To get people from ages 8 to 80 cycling – we need to create a safe and convenient network of cycle routes.

“The Oxford Road scheme has shown what is possible and we fully support Chris Boardman’s plans for similar cycle routes across Greater Manchester.
Now it is time for the GM Combined Authority leaders and national Government to provide the investment to create a truly cycling friendly City.”
Love Your Bike are also inviting people to join one of the ‘Bike Friday’ cycle rides on September 29 to show support for Chris Boardman’s (Cycling & Walking Commissioner) plans to make Greater Manchester a truly cycling friendly city.

In an interview with the Guardian, Chris Boardman said:he wanted to “spend ‘billions’ redesigning the region’s streets and is exploring the possibility of closing parts of Manchester city centre to motorised traffic – including, potentially, the main thoroughfare of Deansgate, which runs from the Castlefield canal district right down to the shopping area of Market Street.”

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