Your Housing Group team up with Fix360 to do all the repairs

Fix360 will replace outgoing repairs company Cruden who had been with Your housing and its former name Harvest for decades.

The newly established company that is taking over Cruden is based in Warrington, and will provide residents in Partington and other parts of Trafford all types or repairs that need doing in the home.

PH Jones will continue to provide gas services in Partington and other areas.

A spokeswoman for Your Housing Group said “We are replacing Cruden to offer the best possible service to residents” and would not comment further as to why Cruden was replaced.

Fix360 started up in June this year, it has several directors and the major shareholder is Your Housing Group, using a company checker, Fix360 has an above average credit risk score, although this is probably because it is a new business.

We were also told that they have a website, however checking a simple google search, nothing came up, we also could not find anything on Fix360 on the Your housing Group website, although this could change in the run up to the start date next Monday 9th October,


(image: YHG)

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