More than 50 dead and hundreds injured at a concert in Las Vegas

Las Vegas the gambling mecca of the US and soon to be home of the Oakland Raiders was in mourning today October 2, as a lone gunman killed 58 innocent people and injuring hundreds more at a country and western open air concert close to Mandalay Bay.

Over 22,000 people ran for cover as the gunman named as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock rained in bullets into the crowd from a Mandalay Bay hotel room window, Paddock was found dead after his 15/20  minutes of madness.

The shooting has been called the deadliest in modern US history and calls into question about gun laws in the US.

FBI officials have said that Paddock had no connections with any terrorist group, he had bought his weapons legally, as he had been in his hotel room since Sept 28, staff at the hotel who went in, and thought there was nothing suspicious.

Even at this late stage, no one knows why Paddock decided to kill and injure so many people who were just having a good time watching a country and western gig, the answers were taken to the grave.

One thing is for sure just about everyone is shocked and wish for all those that are injured a speedy recovery and for those that died we send our condolences to family and friends.


Categories: Crime, USA

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