The harvest moon and its special meanings are revealed

Last night October 5th saw a full moon over the UK which is known as a Harvest Moon, so what is the meaning behind it all.

On average, the moon rises about fifty minutes later each day, but when a full moon happens close to the autumn equinox, the moon  rises only about 30/35 mins later daily for several days before and after the full Harvest moon.

The difference between fifty minutes and thirty-five minutes may not seem like a long time, but it means that, in the nights after the full Harvest Moon, you will see the moon ascending in the east relatively soon after sunset, the moon will rise during or near twilight on these nights, and we will see further full moons soon after the Harvest Moon.

Harvest Moon is just a name people call it, there are other names like Hunters Moon etc.

The moon is 238,900 miles from earth, although distance tends to vary depending on our orbit, the surface is mostly dust and helps us on earth in many ways, such as when the tides come in and out, and of course it attracts many of the rocks that are flying about in space which saves the planet from serious harm.

If you are interested in getting pictures of the moon like the one we have taken, you will need a very good camera, the camera we used for the picture was a Sony DSC-H400, it is not a DSLR but has some special features and its way lighter than a DSLR.

To get this shot all we did was use the full 63x optical zoom, and some of the digital zoom, you will need a steady hand, or you can use a tripod.



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