Neighbour Nuisance

Lets end neighbour nuisance together

Do you suffer from neighbour nuisance? whatever level you suffer from and whoever it is, you will not get very far expecting the housing association or council to help out, often those in charge with dealing with such issues have little idea of what to do, in many cases they do not even have the training in which to deal with it in the first place.

Your Housing Group in  Partington has the worst record that we are aware off at this time with dealing with such issues, we spoke to one community safety officer who currently works with the housing group who told us that “We do not have any training, we do the odd seminar, and read from books” it is these people we turn to when you have neighbour issues.

In 2016, some 436 older people were arrested for anti social behaviour and the figures are rising sharply, and all these were over 60! they have lived longer, wiser and know your every move you will make, and of course the law will stick up for them more! this has to change, the law neds to reflect that all age groups can cause neighbour nusience and should be treated the same and not be given any favours.

If you are on the end of bad neighbours, you now have a say! click this LINK to sign an official petition.


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