Mental Health

Updated: Attacks on mental health staff rise by 33% in England

Mental health workers on wards and out in the community have seen attacks on them rise by 33% in England by seriously ill patients.

Attacks by mental health patients could come out of the blue, knifes have been used, razor blades, sharpened tools, screwdrivers, and all types of assaults from headbutting, kicked, punched etc.

Trafford has a mental health ward on the grounds of Trafford General Hospital, the wards are for people who are very unwell, we are not at this time aware of any incidents at this hospital.

The government have done nothing, they claim billions of pounds have been given, but obviously this is utter rubbish, and they claim they will be creating over 20,000 more staff by 2021, it is now staff is needed and making sure staff are retained.

We are not sure of the policy for staff to search patients at Moorside.


Attacks from patients are always going to happen, since many are seriously ill, and it is hoped that hospital staff have a policy in place where searches are done in the most comfortable way possible for the patient.


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