Was the death of Caspar Blackburn suspicious?

The Bridgewater Canal in Trafford is one long canal stretching from Manchester City Centre all the way past Dunham, it’s often a great place to be if you want to relax, take the dog for a walk, and nice scenery, it holds though a darker side.

The recent and sad death of Caspar Blackburn has got people talking, on social media about the circumstances of how he died, with police rightly claiming “We believe there are no suspicious circumstances” it maybe to soon though to know what really happened.


At the point where he was found, we can assure you all, that police scanned this area several times, with the latest equipment on board the boat, how did they not spot Caspar?

We can only guess that he was a little drunk on that night, CCTV only shows him going out, CCTV is everywhere on Waterside, why was this evidence not given on his last movements?


The CCTV on the above picture covers all of the tow path, it is so we believe state of the art with 4K video and more zoom than the best camera on the market, night time pictures are so clear its like daytime, this without any question would have seen what exactly happened that night.

The canal bank is semi-low at the point where he was found, it is fairly easy to climb out, although we do not know at what point he fell in.

It has led to lots of suspicion that with other deaths on this canal, something sinister is going on, a serial killer has already been mentioned, was Caspar pushed in? had a fight? was their any signs of a struggle?, or simply he may have passed out.

It makes perfect sense that people will start to question what has happened, but even then surely putting two and two together is not going to bring an accurate answer, Caspar as we know is no longer with us, and all at News4Trafford send our sincere condolences to the family and close friends at this very difficult time.


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