Hurricane Ophelia will hit the UK next week

The weather is acting odd lately, with one day of rain and wind, and the next sunny spells, it will get even more weird this weekend when temperatures will soar as air from the African continent drifts towards us.

It will be early next week though when the weather will get wild, when Hurricane Ophelia makes landfall, looking at the latest pictures from the National Hurricane Centre we can see the track of the storm will hit all of Ireland and the western parts of the UK.

With the weather being very warm over the weekend, it could intensify, at the moment as it moves north towards us in the Atlantic, it is a category 1 hurricane with sustained winds up to 74mph.

The difference between this and our named storms is the main wind speed, our normal storms come with it hurricane force gusts, but this one will be 74mph or more all the time and stronger gusts of wind.

Rain associated with this hurricane will flood many areas already damp due to the amount of rain already been dropped  on them.

We will keep a close eye on this hurricane and an update will be given at the weekend.

(Image: National Hurricane Centre)


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