Trafford Council might be able to see 80% of the canal path where Casper Blackburn died

We can reveal after our own investigations that one camera close to Sale Metrolink station may have seen what happened the night when Casper Blackburn went missing.

The 4K HD state of the art camera with enhanced zoom, and has night mode can see ‘we think’ 80% maybe even more of both sides of the bridge at Sale, the camera was inspected and the lens was facing the south.

It is not known at this time if this camera was working, we agree that this information should not be shown to the public, but also agree also that closure is needed, and to stop wild speculation about what happened to him.

There are cameras everywhere in Sale, we spotted three on Sale Waterside, the CCTV footage was of an inside camera that has already been released by police.

We checked, and clearly if you walk towards Sale Bridge at the location where Caspar was found, you will see the camera.

Other locations such as near Brooklands bridge need some CCTV coverage due to the drug activities taking place, more so under the bridge.

It is normal for people to question what has happened after such a tragic incident, and it is normal for people to want answers, we will get the answers! it ‘could’ help put an end to all the deaths on the canal tow path, we shall await the official line and bring you this as soon as police have completed their investigations.


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