Hurricane Ophelia is now a category three hurricane

As an update which we will be bringing you all weekend, we see the hurricane racing towards us has intensified to a category 3 hurricane, which means winds of up to 129 MPH.

We are tracking the wind and can see it has now turn a little to the right which means all of the western UK will be affected including Manchester, although we wont get the full blast like Southern Ireland will, it will be very dangerous during Monday morning.

It has been said that the water around the UK will reduce this hurricane, yet no one knows the true temperature, so it could be just warm enough to keep it alive, that and the warm African wind that has blown it this way.

If it hits us at Category 2 this will mean simply some tree branches will come down, anything that is not tied up in the garden will end up somewhere else, it will make cycling very difficult more so if you are cycling in a south-westerly direction, so for example going south bound on Washway Road would be hard even with the most aerodynamic bike.

Anyone elderly or those with disabilities should also keep tuned in to our updates, at this time the track of this storm is concerning, although it could change direction again, so it is important to stay tuned into this one.





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