Running the half marathon tomorrow or just want to get faster for longer? read this now

The Manchester half marathon starts here in Trafford tomorrow, and if you are running in this race we have something for every one of you, it also applies to all those who run on a daily basis.

As a sprinter many moons ago, I know all about that pain, their was training nights where my legs were shaking, and the training so tough I was physically sick! but the love of the sport and the desire to get faster kept me going back for more.

It was only a matter of time, that I decided I needed an edge, not through drugs or some other dodgy method, but by natural means, I looked at stride length and frequency, foot placement and how I was driving down the track with my arms.

What you eat is more important than you may think, and getting the right amount of water on a daily basis.

The solution to ending the pain of lactic acid was found by a very reliable source who works within the sports nutrition industry, to get you faster and for longer, the book is short but is something you will be so happy with, if you follow the instructions proper.

Just a note, those sensitive to ingredients listed must not continue.

click this LINK


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