Hurricane will make landfall over the UK on Monday

Hurricanes are not something we see much of here in the UK, due partly because the water needs to be warmer, this is what gives a hurricane and tornados its energy.

The hurricane named as Ophelia is heading our way due to tropical air coming from the African continent, we will see warmer temperatures during the weekend, in Trafford today Oct 14 we will see a daytime high of 20c.

It may be a little too warm for the runners in tomorrow’s half marathon here in Trafford, we advise to prepare properly for this race, and choose what you wear for the event carefully.

Hurricane Ophelia is currently racing towards us in the atlantic at Cat 2 which sees sustained winds at over 100mph, it will make landfall sometime on Monday, forecasters are predicting it will hit Ireland first at hurricane strength, then weaken as it makes a turn for the UK.

If Ophelia takes a right turn, it will be heading for Manchester, but likely we will get the tail end of it and will see strong gusts of wind rather than strong sustained winds as you would expect to see during a full on Hurricane.

We will continue to update you on the situation as the Hurricane gets closer.


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