Do not panic! we have the answers to DWP benefit sanctions

A DWP sanction more so around Christmas time is truly dreadful since you will have to wait even more because of holidays, it might make you feel like a complete failure, and further kill your confidence, which is hypocritical since the government are trying to do the opposite! by getting you off benefits.

Do not panic! we have the answer to the nightmare, if your money has been  or will be stopped, get down to the council as soon as you can, ask for a ‘Trafford Assist’ form and fill it out there and then or do an online application by clicking this LINK

It is very important to also claim a hardship payment if you are stopped all your money, this will only be 60% of your claim, but its better than nothing, for more information on the hardship payments click HERE

Sanctions are a complete disgrace, although it is fully understandable that the government want people of benefits and into work, this is not the right way to go about it, a sanction does not mean always that you will be without all of your money, it depends on what the circumstances are, however we have heard of bad stories, one man who we cannot name got his money stopped just by being late! and it was not his fault, buses can also be late! DWP have to take these factors into consideration before stinging people in the most draconian way and leaving them with next to nothing and the possibility of being evicted.

We have read of a form called ‘Nil Income’ having checked it seems Trafford do not have such a form, or they have renamed it ‘Trafford Assist’

Do not think their is nothing for you, and anything else in your moment of despair, whilst the DWP man or woman sucks out your energy like some mad parasite, not understanding what he or she has done to your life, the council will step in, it must be immediate, and always be nice! do not shout at anyone, and hopefully all will be good again until the useless government restore your normal benefits again.

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