Manchester half marathon 2017 was the best yet

The Manchester half marathon this year was the best we have seen, no known issues with angry motorists, large crowds cheering on all the runners and one marshal who stole the show.

The marshal was positioned on Eastway in Sale, he kept saying “Well done” with every name in the book, he said “I have been saying all these names for the past two hours” he was now struggling a tad, and it was then we asked him to get a drink.

What a star man and deserves to be in this article whoever you are! the event though of course was about the running, and you will soon be able to find out who won by going to the Manchester half marathon website, and the times of all the other athletes will be available.

Security this year was with Showsec, we noticed they were very visible.

We noticed the runners when they got to 7 miles looked completely knackered, even the fitter ones looked tired, maybe because of the unusual higher temperatures, a fireman was seen running in full costume, a bear, a teapot and very last was a guy holding two bibles.

This years half marathon will live on in people’s memories has being the best ever, and look forward to the full marathon which will be in April next year.

Preparation is the key to running a good marathon, eating right, sleeping good, and training well, your technique can save you and make it easier for the entire race, of course what you wear is vital, we saw some people struggling because they was not wearing the right trainers! or socks, something so small can affect your race.

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