Your Housing Group are giving Partington a much needed redesign

The housing provider which used to be called M&D, then Harvest and now Your Housing Group are claiming that they are to give Partington a newer image.

They are holding a consultation period for people to tell them what they want to see, and other things that will help them in the final process.

Plans can be seen inside the office on Wood Lane, although not the final version, it shows to people of how they see Partington and what they wish to do with there bit of land, of course they will need clearance from Trafford.

We have been told that Oak Road and the area around the shops are to get a redesign, they are correct that there are way to many small entrances and needs closing off, the shops we was told by the out-going Labour councillor Karina Carter a while back that the shops were to be refurbished, this has not happened, but it is likely they will be pulled down.

With the serious issues facing Partington in the coming years, it is vital the housing group and councillors get together and make sure there will be enough shopping facilities and other infrastructure.

It is now, they need to do something, for many years the housing group have failed the area, and many of its people, it is on the lips of everyone, as soon as you say “Your housing group” they almost always say how bad they are! they could make amends a little by actually helping residents and indeed Partington, and not just get the glory and leave it to others to deal with.

We are watching closely what happens with the consultations, and of course will update everyone when the final plans for Partington are announced.

You can get involved with consultations by clicking this Link


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