Trafford finds £600k through the green bin tax and spends it on our roads

Trafford Council have decided the £600,000 they got from the green bin charges which is a complete rip off! will be spent on road maintenance.

Some roads in Trafford are a disgrace, many can be seen with huge potholes,parts of Sinderland Lane are starting to crumble, over time, the top of this broken surface will come away, On the A56 coming near to Stretford tip North bound the surface is very bad, and has been for many years!

Some parts of Timperley and Altrinchan are bad, Moss Lane and Barrington Road in Altrincham are in a shocking state.

The council has already decided on its road budget for next year, and it amounts to millions of pounds, so the question is why spend this newly found £600,000 on roads for when money was already allocated to it?

This money could have gone to projects in the community that needed it, fencing on Priory Woods that are badly needed to keep vandals out, a running track around the football pitch on Walton Park in Sale, all types of projects would have welcomed the much-needed cash.

With winter knocking on the door, our roads will crumble further, and with the slow response from One Trafford, we can see many people becoming very frustrated, it is not just the roads either, drainage is a big problem, it only has to rain for a while and Washway Road becomes a canal! other areas are hit hard also by blocked drains.




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  1. If this tax is not needed for collection of garden waste then surely it’s illegal? I have paid to have my garden waste collected because Sean Ansty said the council could no longer afford these collections. To use this tax on something entirely different is FRAUD and he should be held accountable.


    • Hi Maggie, this is something you need to be taking up with your MP or councillors, a new article is being produced that will shock everyone, just putting the bits together and should be done by the end of the week.


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