Partington Parish Council opens up on its financial information

At last we gasp! it took us a while not only to get some transparency of income but just to get them to offer a fairly decent website that gives people a fair bit of information on what they are doing.

Today we can reveal the figures for year 2016/17:

  • Income £129,952.31
  • Expenditure £144,952,88

The council will have two installments of income from the precept which amounts to a whopping £38,043,75.

HMRC VAT refund £8,507,50 and Veolia Environmental Trust gave them £12,158,00 even Partington Primary School has given them money which amounts to £1,170, we also see Partington Central Academy giving the council £1,940.

The council have been given a £60 donation from Peel, and Partington FC donated £80, we can see a small amount of interest was given by RBS, and other invoices that we can see have coded wording on them which amounts to well over £1000.

We first spoke to the council who told us in black and white they have only 3 workers, which means 2 of them try to clean the place up and other odd jobs, and one admin, on the forms we are given it clearly says their are 4 workers! anyhow this is what the Parish Council said they have spent.

They spent with your money, £2330.70 on a courier! paid £1242.55 to builder Travis Perkins, donated £300 to the Transmitter, they paid councillor Edwards £450 and J Clare £500.

Bin bags came to £356.22, and £753,68 went to electricity firm EON, we see the council spent £1200.00 on carpets and a gigantic £7859,64 for a Commercials van.

Insurance from AON for employess and public liability set them back £1667.09 and £640,12 on another insurance firm called Zurich.

DVLA got some money £230.00 and they had to get a environmnetal agency waste licence which cost them £105.00.

We have the astronomical salaries figure of £56896.24 however we are checking this out to make sure its not an error.

I wonder why they paid RHD Flowers £433.40  the out goings does look a little crazy, much more information on all the incomes and expendetures can be found in a booklet they have produced at the Parish Council office.

We wish to make it clear that the figures are accurate to what has been printed and given to us, and we thank the Parish Council for the information that we was finally able to get today, despite Councillor Edwards unhelpful wording at the start of the booklet, we really appreciate them opening up and hope we can go forward to a much brighter Partington.

In the past though many donations were given to the council, it is with regret no information has been provided to us and so resigned to history, we have long believed something was not right behind the scenes and now they have opened up, you can judge for yourself wether your money is being used in the right way or not.



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