Work starts shortly on a new community centre in Broadheath

People in the area have been telling us how long they have waited, for this development to begin, which they say has been many months.

The development is on land next to a refurbished Broadheath primary school, and close to Waitrose further west on Sinderland Road.

Workmen was seen putting up boarding today Oct 27 and the old cycle path down the side has been dug up, which we believe many cyclists would be very happy about, as it was a nightmare to navigate with cobblestones, and often big puddles, there is a new temporary cycle path next to it which is way better.

The community centre will give local people something to be proud about, we also hear the possibility of a takeaway being built on the site, although we do not have any confirmation.

One of the issues will be traffic, and some local people are very concerned about this, and also the possibility of anti social behaviour during the evenings have been mentioned, it will be unlikely any new road infrastructure will be part of the plans, and we can see Sinderland Road and surrounding areas becoming a car park!


Categories: Broadheath, Community

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