Trafford Labour leader hits out at Amey for being rubbish

The Trafford Labour leader Andrew Western has written a blog about Amey and the shocking amount of bins that have been uncollected in the borough.

He claims that “in the first nine months of 2017 a whopping 9045 bins have gone uncollected an average of 1000 bins each month.”

The One Trafford Partnership are struggling due to poor working conditions, poor management and falling behind with work due to the lack of staff, time and time again we hear from fed up One Trafford workers on the ground that shift patterns are all over the place, and people not covering due in part because not enough people have been recruited, we have since been told that One Trafford only hired four workers in the last promised recruitment drive, although we cannot confirm this as true.

Trafford Tories are ultimately to blame for this mess and are very poor at listening to the opposition, and everyone else, it is like they have a ‘Them V us’ kind of attitude and nothing will stop what we are doing, they are indeed destroying everything we have, getting ready for everything privatised.

It is a Tory joke on the residents this is! charging for green bins, missing bin collections, more fly tipping (mostly these days in Stretford and Old Trafford) poor road surfaces and those LCD lights have in places been dimmed, making it easier for criminals to go undetected and other things.

Mr Western is completely correct in what he has said in the blog and we go one further and ask the Tories to give an ultimatum to Amey, either get yourself sorted out by a deadline, or the contract is ripped up.

You can read the full blog on his website by clicking Here

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