Now you have the chance to calculate your emissions and help clean up the air you and yours breathe

We have found a handy tool for motorists and motorbike riders to calculate your emissions.

You can find the calculator HERE

Traffic has gone through the roof in Trafford, even the once cleaner country lanes are now starting to get very busy, it seems everyone has a car, some have more than one car, and sooner or later we will run out of roads, helping to create a major issue in some areas.

Manchester Road from Carrington towards Partington will be one of those roads that will have so many cars on it, they will not be able to move, the pollution levels will increase further, so much that fit people will start having to use inhalers!

The out of control situation, just gets worse! the biggest issue is with Particles, PM 2.5 and PM 10 cause the most harm, these unseen particles enter the deepest part of our lungs, and over time will lead to serious complications like cancer, if very high the particulates and NO2 will have an immediate effect on you, breathing will be shallow, and other complications could result, if you think that you are safe in the car, well think again! you are at risk also, and you are exposed to Benzine every day from petrol pumps which is a well-known carcinogen.

Makers of cars and those selling them are also to blame, of course it is a difficult one, since many jobs would be at risk if the government asked the companies to halt sales, so the only way around it is to get all cars fitted with something that will stop the particles from ending up in the environment.

Clean air zones is another good idea, although we think having drivers pay for this is not the best thing to do, they are already stretched to the limit with rip off prices at the pumps and upkeep.

We checked the air in Trafford on Halloween night and could see particles were very high and so was Nitrogen Dioxide, this could be due to the amount of people in the area for a football game at Old Trafford.

Trafford councillors must do something, ban all wood burning in homes with immediate effect, have clean air zones on A56 in Sale, and Stretford, get buses to be electric or fitted with filters, Taxi’s do add to the dirty air, even if they say they have the best engines, One of our reporters tells us that he has been behind black cabs many times and black smog coming out of the exhaust is clearly seen.

Ban HGVs at certain times of the day, or re route them all away from residents homes, the list could go on and on, so many ideas we have, you have, and they have to get our air cleaner, and still nothing is being done, this must change, and we can see how dangerous things are for all of us, and will put pressure on those with the power to do something before its to late…and it may already be!



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