Hundreds turn up to Caspar Blackburn’s funeral

Today Nov 1st was the day of Caspar Blackburn’s funeral which was held at St John’s the Devine on Brooklands Road in Sale.

The funeral car had nothing other than a car plate sign with the name ‘Caspar’ etched into it.


Brooklands Road at one point got very crowded and no police or stewarding was seen, other than two guys doing their best to make sure everyone was safe.

A local Timperley Tory party councillor was also on hand and gave the thumbs up that all was alright and all the cars were safely parked into the church car park.

The day though belonged to Caspar, who was ushered in by a waiting priest all in white, the coffin was black in colour.

He died on the Bridgewater Canal in Sale after a night out at the Slug and Lettuce, no one knows exactly what happened that night, we have seen a camera that may have captured his movements on the canal tow path, but it is accurate that the lens may have not been facing the right way that night.

We sincerely send our condolences to his family and his many friends.


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