Running marathons next year? this is for you

If you are running in any of the events in Manchester next year or anywhere in the world, more so the full marathon around Trafford then it is now you need to prepare, and we will help you with running techniques that will get you around the course in a personal best time.

Before we talk about technique you must read a small e-book that will further enhance your running, even during training you can read it by clicking HERE 

Running is about enjoyment, and is better running with other people, or a partner, more so if you are a female, now the nights are getting darker sooner, you will need some good visibility, and there are some great quality equipment around that will make you safer.

Now your comfy, and ready to run, making sure the right trainers are worn, you are now ready, presuming you have warmed up a little before hand, your technique should be the following:

  • Run with head always looking at the horizon
  • keep arms loose and facing the same way, not having them swing, you want your arms and legs to be in sync, going the same way.
  • Toes must be up on foot plant, knee should be a little higher
  • Foot plant should be just under the body, or as near to the centre line as possible
  • Try not to rotate the hips, this makes you swing, your aim is one body going in the same direction which is forward.

Using these techniques takes time, even just using two of these techniques will improve your run, not just about speed, but about making it easy, making training better, keeping the toes up on foot plant means you will be in a cyclic action, a flowing machine that will not only feel good but look good.

If you have good flexibility, we suggest once your leg is going up behind you, to try to get the foot to hit your behind, this would produce more power and a longer cyclic action.

Stride length is for when you need to speed things up, we suggest about 100m before the finish you should run as hard as you can, train for this if you are a starter.

You can train on your own, with a mate or mates, or with a club, two of the best clubs in Trafford offer the best coaching and facilities, Trafford AC at Longford Park in Stretford and Sale Harriers Manchester at Sale Crossford Bridge, if you are nearer Timperley then you might be best with Altrincham AC on Park Road.

Technique is very important for someone looking to increase speed, and get a better time, we do not suggest you copy anyone’s running style, your running style must only be refined, made more efficient.

The techniques and the book can also be applied to footballers and rugby players, and anyone wanting to develop speed and a more efficient technique.


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