Stretford gang must not to get involved with Wythenshawe tensions

Tensions are high in Wythenshawe after teenagers were attacked on Halloween night, it has been mentioned that a 12-year-old girl was injured after someone thrown a hammer at her, it is thought that a gang of teenagers are going around in an anti social way, causing issues for anyone who get in their way.

Lots of parents on social media are very concerned, and are pulling out of events in Wythenshawe Park including Bonfire Night.

A ‘rumour’ was going around on Facebook that a gang from Stretford is coming down to fight those that are causing issues in Wythenshawe.

Around Trafford as we do in every part of our country we see many teenagers and even younger than that having the upper hand, they know the police will not come, if they steal something from a shop, police won’t come, or if they do, nothing but a warning is issued, and then they are set free.

Police are already stretched to the bone by the most irresponsible government in our history, with everything! we must also help them, making sure you know where your child is, more so tomorrow night 5th November.

We want all Trafford residents to have a great bonfire night, a safe one for all, we suggest going to an organised display.

Categories: Police, Stretford

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