Manchester to Blackpool trains will terminate at Preston until March 2018

Are you planning a trip to Blackpool? maybe you have family in the area and had plans to stay a while, the bad news is from tomorrow Nov 11 until the end of March 2018, the line between Preston and Blackpool North and South will be closed.

Network Rail are upgrading the line, which they say will cost more than one billion pounds, it will see full electrification of the line, once done, passengers will see a more reliable and faster service, with the addition of more carriages on all trains in and out of Blackpool North.

A bus service though will replace the trains, if you do not mind being on a bus for about 18 or so miles, which will probably add-on an hour or more to your journey then you will be fine.

All the information including timetables can be seen HERE

There is some good news though with the line from Preston to Blackpool South re opening in January 2018.


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