UPDATED: Man in his 50’s gets arrested for exposing himself to school children in Flixton

Police were alerted to a male who was exposing himself as school kids passed him today November 14, on the junction of Irlam Road and Flixton Road in Flixton,

The male in his 50’s stripped naked at around 3.30pm and threw all his clothes into a nearby hedge, it was then he was seen smiling at school kids as they passed him, a member of the public saw what was going on and he then put his clothes back on, he then was seen walking towards a bus stop.

Police arrived within minutes of  calls to them  being made, and arrested the male who was under the influence of alcohol, there is also a suspicion he was on drugs also.

The male is currently being held in a police cell and will be interviewed once he has sobered up,

He got very upset getting in the police van and attacked the officers, injuring one of them, he was further arrested for this offence.

We reported on a similar incident in Flixton a while ago, and police are thanking the public for reporting this man.

The man has since been sectioned under the mental health act.

Categories: Crime, Flixton

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