Open Plus self-service comes to the Coppice Library and Wellbeing Centre in Sale

Once a properly run library, loved by all the community, with paid Trafford staff is now run by volunteers after BluSci saved it from closure.

Open plus is coming to the centre soon, and it will mean you can access the library when no member of staff is around.

You can register for open plus by registering your library card, you will also need proofs like a driving licence, utility bill etc, you have to be over 16 to register, although once registered you can bring with you a child, we suggest asking staff for more information.

How it works is simple, at the front door will be a scanner, just scan the bar code on your library card and enter a pin, and the door will open, once in the lights will come on and everything will be automated.

You will be able to borrow and return books using the self-service machine, pick up and borrow reserved items which will be waiting in collection, you will be able to use the computers and the free Wi-Fi, plus you have access to the photocopiers, however once in the building you cannot use the plugs for charging your phone etc, or use the toilets.

Some common sense is needed when entering the building when using open plus, you must not allow anyone in without proper access, the fire door should only be used in an emergency as the door is alarmed, and protecting the pin on your card like you would do on a bank card is important.

At this time it seems no staff will be around from Monday to Friday between 5pm and 7pm, because of the changes the centre will be shut from November 27 to December 4 and will be closed again for one day on December 18.


(Image: Google Maps)


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