David Icke

Kate Green helps get a planned book launch by David Icke Cancelled at Old Trafford

News started spreading of an event happening at Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground today Nov 17, the event was a book launch of David Icke, the event was a sell out.

Stretford and Urmston MP Kate Green got wind of the story after Trafford Labour tweeted its feelings about the event, a further few tweets were directed at Kate Green on Twitter and so she contacted Manchester United.

A campaign group calling itself “Campaign against antisemitism” has said “the event was a secret and tickets were £85” they claim that Icke is a ‘antisemitic hate preacher’ and wanted the football club to cancel the event, of which they did, no statement yet has been released by Manchester United and we are awaiting a few lines from Kate Green.

A statement on the David Icke website said: “Manchester United have shown absolute contempt for the audience – among them many United fans – and contempt for the basic human right of free expression. They have done so on the back of lies told to them by the ultra-Zionist hate group and enemy-of-freedom Labour Party MP, Kate Green, the member for Stretford and Urmston.

They also claim that security at Manchester United would not let them into the ground and also would not give a reason behind it.

It also said on the website that “Anyone with a ticket for the launch will be contacted, as an alternative venue is being arranged”






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    • Hi Ray, to add to that she couldn’t even be bothered sending us a simple reply, we do not have any comments on what went on, however we agree about the lack of freedom of speech here in the UK and is becoming much worse as the years go on, really a bad situation, thanks again for your message.


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