One Trafford

Worthington Park in Sale is in good shape and we can prove it!

We got reports of serious fly tipping and over flowing bins in Worthington Park in Sale, as with many parks in Trafford, it is a common theme, we checked this out around three weeks ago, and checked every bin in that park, and was clear, and no fly tipping, in fact we will say that this park is the best looked after park in the borough at this time.

More reports came in yesterday November 16 saying the same thing yet again in the park, so we again investigated it and again saw nothing wrong, it was in the same state, to prove this we done a video for everyone proving their was nothing wrong and reports were misleading.

One Trafford get a huge amount of complaints and rightly so, but on this occasion we feel it was unfair to be blaming them for such misleading reports, the pictures we have seen may well have come from the park, but not in this month or last.

This article also helps showcase the park, as it is one of the most amazing places we have been, despite the pre war toilets!

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