Pickering Lodge in Timperley is now looking better than ever

Pickering Lodge on Moss Lane in Timperley is a very small but lovely park, with its own basketball courts and play areas, lots of benches for people to sit down and take a break.

Yesterday the park got an upgrade, with Lib Dems and the Tories mixing it up with help from local people to get the park in great condition, they removed all the nettles and lots of work gardening.

Pickering Lodge has now got a brand new park sign, Timperley Lib Dems William Jones and Councillor Jane Brophy was joined by Tory councillor Bruer Morris on what was a good day for the event.

Councillor Jane Brophy said “Enjoyed the gardening event at Pickering Lodge Park in Timperley today! Great team turnout” those words were also echoed by her Liberal Democrat colleague William Jones who said “Cross party unity in Timperley working hard to clear the nettles and other things in Pickering Lodge Park with Councillor Bruer Morris and Councillor Jane Brophy”



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