RSPCA warn people about scam websites advertising a fake premium rate number

The RSPCA are warning the public about rogue websites advertising fake premium rate numbers for their cruelty line.

The premium rate 0844 numbers advertised are designed to rack up a heavy bill for the caller and are give a false impression that they are from the charity.

The RSPCA said: “when a member of the public dials the fake number they’ll be charged a premium rate and are then diverted to their National Control Centre.

“This means the caller may not be immediately aware of the scam.”

The RSPCA charity found out that the fake websites was in the first 10 listings when doing a Google search, this may be the same on other search engines.


The correct number to call the RSPCA is 0300 1234 999 

This number will cost you the same as if you was calling a landline in the UK.

More shocking was that the charity checked Google and in the first 10 listings found fake websites pretending to be from the charity.

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