Black Friday

Black Friday the good deals and not so good

The very first Black Friday event was amazing, prices so low people were fighting for items, even though retailers had enough stock in for everyone, it was so crazy that retailers were told to calm it on the pricing, and so they did.

Since then prices on Black Friday have been much the same as normal, and this years event is very much the same, we checked several places online and found Amazon not discounting much, many items are already cheap, Carphone Warehouse are always cheaper than anywhere else for mobile phones, but as its Black Friday it was expected they will make things even cheaper.

We saw one mobile phone on Pay and Go reduced by £50 to £100 for a Nokia handset, on Pay Monthly most of the deals are a reduction of upfront costs, although we see the Samsung S8 going for £30 a month and no upfront fee.

What you have to watch more so with Amazon is that the prices they crossed off like a camera lens we saw saying one was £179.99 crossed off to £134.99 but that lens was already £134.99, the same with all the Canon lenses we saw on the website.

Retailers will try this tactic and it for you to check before buying, to make sure you do get a good deal this Black Friday.

EE online store more so with Pay and Go mobiles can be seen even offering a pair of beats headphones, looking at the cost of the handsets, shows that the deal is not that great, those handsets have increased in price, so the headphones you think are free, are not free at all.

If you are in the market for a nice waterproof or warm jacket, you probably head for Go Outdoors, and a wise choice! they are offering soeme great deals at the moment, but that has nothing to do with Black Friday!

As Black Friday approached we saw many more discounts, Manchester United offering all products with 25% off, O2 had the Moto G5 at £90 and the Sony L1 at £80 on pay and go with a number of offers on pay monthly, but still way to expensive, Giff Gaff offering £100 off mobile phones.

Vodafone at the time we looked had only two pay and go handsets in a sale, three were offering something of a sale, but nothing to get excited about, all the bike shops including Halfords are having something of a sale again nothing with any Wow factor.

Deals will continue for another week, then we will see an increase in prices just before Christmas, with retailers once again offering discounts soon after and further for the January sales.

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