Abandoned railway line in Trafford to be in use by 2019

The abandoned rail line that goes from Timperley and ends up just outside of Partington is set to be cleared and fresh rail lines created as early as 2019.

We are told that next year ‘normal’ talks will take place between representatives of the new owner ‘Heritage Railways’ and Network Rail, the track is still deemed as ‘Live’ and will have to remain as a rail line.

What we are pressing for is a cycle track that will run beside it, and this is a real possibility, what a great route for not only rail users, but also cyclists, it gives a new route out for Pattington residents and will connect to Irlam in Salford.

The line as it is today is in a bad state, half of the old line has vanished, and the work to remove all the trees and shrubs will take some time as it is extensive, wildlife will have to be managed properly and very important to us that habitats are not damaged or disturbed.

With the pending traffic chaos slowly developing on Manchester Road in Partington, this will no doubt be a relief to many wanting to come and go from the area, it will also be good for the new villages that will be created soon.

Trains that will be running on the line will be mostly steam, we though will press for normal trains to run on the line, no goods trains will run on this line.


Categories: Irlam, Partington, Rail, Timperley

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  1. The track that is now. the pennine way cycle track through lymm should also be reinstated what value could be put on with current congestion


  2. No goods? That line connects Altrincham Tip with Sharston Tip and railway siding. It woukd take the heavy waste containers off the roads!


    • Good point Chris, I would prefer cyclists of the dangerous roads myself, either way this line will be brought back to life and will offer more updates when we get it.


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