Leaving the EU will cost more than just money

Leaving the EU would be the biggest single mistake we have ever made in our lifetme, lets go back to when we all had a vote to either leave or stay, and the campaigns to manipulate you into thinking one way or another.

The leave campaign with Boris Johnson offered all of us £350 million for the NHS, more jobs for UK born people, and better security at our borders, making sure that those that are not supposed to be here will be sent back to where they came from.

More people believed this and now we are on our way out of the EU, and the Tories no matter what are intent on leaving, with Labour backing them all the way, although with some conditions.

Lib Dems want a second vote, we believe this is the best way for the country, since everyone was lied too, even those in the leave campaign admitted much of what they promised was lies.

How can both Tories and Labour continue, knowing that half of the nation was told a pack of lies, lets get behind the Lib Dems even if you do not vote for them, this is crucial, we cannot leave the EU, its too risky and will cost a fortune, and a lot of other things we have today.



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