Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a sick and twisted benefit leaving thousands with no money over Christmas

For thousands of people this Christmas and new year is already ruined since reforms of this dreadful and cruel benefit will not take place until Feb 2018.

It will hit new claims hardest and figures suggest an estimated 40,000 people will have no money over the festive period, they can get an advance but this will not last a couple of days as it’s a reduced amount of what you are entitled to get.

With this in mind food banks have been busy stocking up with food and other stuff, the chancellor could have said “We will make sure payments will be made for new claims now so that everyone can have something of a christmas” this is a Tory though, interested in only destruction.

The budget did nothing much for anyone, after the manipulative wording has settled we can see the true extent of the damage this Tory government has inflicted upon not only the poorest in society but in society in general.

Spending millions on Brexit and HS2 could have been given to the police, it would have gone down well with not only our stretched forces but will all of us, the Tories  go and spend money on worthless projects as ever, HS2 is going to happen now for sure, and we all know Brexit was a con and a second vote must now take place without any manipulative campaigns.

For those on Universal Credit christmas 2017 will be one to forget, unless some money can be found, we feel for all the children caught up in this, and something the government forgot about, something the government don’t care about, whilst those not on the benefit can have something of a Christmas, the others will have next to no presents on that special day.

If you are struggling, remember Trafford Assist will help some of the way, check it out on the council’s website or pop in at Sale Waterside and ask about it.



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