Councillors should be able to accept important messages from those from a neighbouring ward

When Trafford Labour leader Andrew Western said to us that “You cannot contact a councillor from a different ward, it’s unconstitutional” we thought this was a tad unfair and rather dangerous.

The result is, councillors in Partington may not get that email, that could possibly save someone’s life, it is a fact that many people do not report things, maybe too busy or do not see the danger of a huge pothole, or bags of rubbish dumped.

For us, all councillors must take an email from any member of the public, the councillors in Partington or Bucklow st Martins had to follow orders like puppets on a string, not caring one jot about what happens to the electorate who voted them in.

The new councillor Aidan Williams said in his poster like leaflet:

Hold regular advice surgeries
keep in touch with a series of the newsletter so you can keep up to date on what he is doing across the ward
Offer home visits to residents as required, more so for those in need of social care
Respond quickly and thoroughly to all telephone and email enquiries
We sent off an email from a normal account, and he has not responded, we got others to send him an email and has not responded to them either, that’s one electoral promise broken in the matter of a few months.

We have not seen any newsletter since he was voted in, and we are checking to see if he has set up this advice surgery, which is something Partington has not had for decades and would be welcomed.

We will hold these councillors to account, it is not just Partington having issues, we know for sure the Brooklands councillors rarely do anything, we see them now and again, over a year though it is not good enough, and waiting almost two weeks for a reply to an email is not great, then again they are Tories.

If you are a councillor and feel bad about the way you represent those that voted you in, but may feel that it doesn’t matter so much as you are getting a fortune for sitting on your backside, check the Urmston councillors, these people are dedicated to getting things done in the community, getting out and about, knowing what is going on, and the most genuine people around.




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