One Trafford

One Trafford took over two weeks to respond to residents concerns over discarded needles in Flixton

We first got news of a major amount of drug needles that had been dumped on a step on a former golf course (William Roe)  in Flixton.

It was reported instantly by us so that One Trafford could respond urgently, the report was sent on Nov 17, and they have just responded today December 1st saying “We will respond in the next 24hrs”

We also reported this to a Urmston councillor, who said she would look into what was going on, although she did not update us on what if anything she had done.

Due to the issues with the Tories wanting to build houses on this land, which we do not agree with at all! N4T visited to take some pictures and inspect the area a few days later and we saw the area around the front was clear, although we had  only inspected the entrance area.

The delay is a disgrace for the struggling private company, leaving these dangerous needles around where the possibility kids or even animals that could get hurt was very high, we cannot entirely blame One Trafford though, since the drug users shown no responsibility at all and should dispose the needles in a safe way.

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