Super Moon

Supermoon brightens up the night sky

A supermoon simply means that the Moon is closer to the Earth, and of course it’s a full moon, it is also brighter than normal,

Conspiracy theorists claim that the distance to the moon from Earth is not accurate, the distance is around 220,000 miles away, the point what they are claiming is, how can someone on earth with a simple bridge camera with a long zoom get so much detail that fast when if they did the same pointing it down a road or pointing it to an aircraft only around 5000 ft away even at maximum zoom can barely see the pilots.

Conspiracy or not, the moon more so a supermoon is something we all should see, and admire, it is so bright, and worthy of a few snaps even with your mobile.

If you want to see the moon at its nearest to the earth ever! you will have to wait for 2052.



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