Could this be the end of the Donner Kebab?

The European Parliament could ban an ingredient in a Donner Kebab called ‘Phosphates’ this is what keeps the meat soft, the ingredient is  linked to heart disease and the EU could ban it.

Any ban would come into force late next year, so you do have some time yet if you like a Donner Kebab.

If the vote which will take place in the next week or so goes against Donner kebab, this would kill off the industry, and many people will be out of a job, could this be what saves the Donner Kebab? we will keep you informed.

Donner Kebab although very tasty, is really bad for you, it is full of fats, I have tasted many kebabs, some are outstanding in taste, where others have been dreadful, getting home with your kebab and looking at it swimming in fat is not a nice thing to see or smell.

Some think that, its ok to have kebab, because you are having salad, this is misleading, since the Donner Kebab is about 95% of the meal! that would be 95% fat and 5% vegetables.


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