EU bans chemical Glyphosate in 2022

MEP’s at the EU are banning the chemical ‘Glyphosate’ which is an active ingredient in weed killer, but not yet! a European wide ban will take place sometime in 2022, previously it had been given 15 years before being banned, however there was a change of mind due to worry from people and more scientific proof that the chemical can cause cancer.

Glyphosate is widely known to be a carcinogen and is already banned in other non EU countries, it is the ingredient in branded weed killers like ‘Weedol’ and others.

After a freedom of information request N4T revealed some time ago that Trafford Council are using the chemical to treat vegetation on our roads and parks.

Interestingly though, farmers and councils will still be able to use the chemical, the ban is for personal use only.

A petition with some 1.3m signatures was given to the EU from people all over Europe to ban the chemical.


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