Manchester Pop Trail can now be found in Sale


If you are into music and want to know all about its history in Manchester, even to bring some of that history back home with you, then pop down to Emporium M33 formerly known as Traders Outlet in Sale.

Created by local music historian and illustrator Paul Wilde, you can pick up hand-made ceramics and cards to preserve and document, the areas rich musical heritage which includes Trafford.

Paul Wilde with Frank artwork EMP M33

Paul Wilde with Frank Sidebottom 

Paul said: “The city is recognised around the world as the most influential but what is its roots? This was the question that started the whole process” who’s father Geoff triggered his interest having shared the same stage with The Beatles. “There are loads of amazing facts out there that could be lost I mean did you know The Who’s first live appearance in the area took place in Altrincham, 9th April 1965 at the Stamford Hall where Boots is today can you believe it?!”

A fact you can now take home on a mug with other events on ceramics that include The Beatles and Rolling Stones in Urmston during 1963. These collectible pieces are hand-made and include plates and bowls.

Bob Dylan’s historic appearance at the Free Trade Hall in 1966 is a moment in rock history so Paul has committed the fact to a plate along with the Sex Pistols infamous gig a decade later.he’s also completed a David Bowie tea-pot for a fan celebrating the icons historic appearance at the Hardrock, Stretford during December 1972. “These pieces” says Paul “are like plaques to me and created while we wait the city to recognise its landmarks and a music museum finally in place which I’d love to be part of” says Paul.

Paul said. “The Emporium M33 has certainly given me a platform to celebrate our musical heritage with owner Scott already a fan discussing a tour of the borough’s musical hot spots from the outlet that houses many other independent artists and traders.” It’s appears my exhibits are a good gift idea while .

A full size Frank Sidebottom is providing photo opportunity’s over the festive period which I’m delighted about said paul who has also been exhibiting on some of the local Artisan fairs with more to come in 2018 with ‘Trafford Rocks’ the tour on the agenda!

You can find out more about Paul and Emporium M33 HERE

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