Air Pollution

Action group set up to get congestion issues sorted out around the Warburton Toll Bridge

A Facebook group has been set up by residents from all around the Warburton area which includes Partington and Lymm, and those from Cadishead and Irlam who use the toll bridge.

The group was set up because the toll booth had become a blight on the residents all around the bridge and caused traffic congestion, where very long queues formed mostly during peak times, with traffic coming in all directions.

The action is needed by Peel who own this bridge to get in place a more modern system rather than have the slow system in place today.

We have heard ideas about charging a daily charge where once you hold a ticket say at a cost of £5 or £10 you could get through, one resident though was concerned with the amount if that idea becomes a reality.

As the situation unfolds, and people having to wait a long time in queues all around the area, pollution and people throwing food wrappers out of car windows is a big problem, one resident has had enough of it, even saying “A taxi driver had urinated on her garden hedge!” the same woman also complained about sound and car pollution.

Things will get worse, as new developments are built in and around Partington, more people = more cars = more vans and HGV = more pollution for Partington and beyond it.

The current chaos around the Warburton Toll Bridge needs sorting out and fast, and if Peel does nothing about the issues now, and leave this to fester on and on, things will get even worse.

A meeting has been arranged for tonight at the Fuse in Partington at 7,30pm, it is thought many people will be coming down, it is best to confirm you are coming on the groups Facebook page, search for Warburton Toll Bridge Action Group.

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