Warning to Christmas shoppers to keep your valuables safe

Police have reported an increase in pickpocket activity in the Trafford area and are warning people to keep your valuables secured when going shopping or going out.

In the latest incident a 73-year-old woman was robbed of her purse in Urmston Eden Square Shopping Centre which occurred on December 5th at around 2pm, she had left her money in her bag and the offender managed to open the purse and take all her money, by the time she found out her money had gone, the offender was nowhere to be seen.

Simple steps you can take to make sure you are not victim of this crime are:

  • Keep purse or wallet or any money hidden away inside your jacket or in a front zipper.
  • Do not have your mobile phone in your back pocket
  • Use a bluetooth device or a wired headset to use your mobile phone, keeping it hidden and in a secure front inside pocket or in a zipped up pocket on the outside.
  • Keep your mind clear, check around you at all times, scanning as you walk, you be surprised how good this is as a potential robber will see you are switched on and go for someone else
  • At a ATM make sure you cover your pin, look around a simple glance is all that is required, if someone is in your space, do not get any cash out and go inside the bank or to another ATM

Make sure your elderly relative or neighbour understands about safety, and what to do when going out shopping, making it harder for the waiting offender looking around for the next victim.


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