Future Carrington

Manchester Road in Carrington soon to be a car park

HIMOR are soon scheduled to start building Future Carrington so we are running a series of videos showing the traffic issues the road faces on a daily basis.

One of our team has done a video of Manchester Road, in a slap dash kind of way, if you wish to see this please head over to our videos page, where we will be doing more of this type of video on Manchester Road very soon.

The developer ‘HIMOR” has contacted N4T and shown us the plans to help sort out the traffic issues on the road, although as we have already stated that ‘having any bus into its own parking space is a good idea to keep the traffic flowing’

It is nowhere near good enough to contain what will be an absolute disaster that will not only hit Partington but further on in Warburton and Lymm.

Warburton residents are already struggling with the amount of traffic on Warburton Lane and all around where the toll bridge is, although one solution would simply let cars go through, it will not be the final solution, the number of cars on the roads has increased so much, the space on them is becoming increasingly shorter.

More roads are needed to keep up with the amount of cars that are on them, Peel are currently awaiting a high court decision to stop HIMOR and Trafford Council from going ahead with the Future Carrington project until road infrastructure is sorted out with help from Highways England.

In the video some reference is towards a Partington councillor who thumbed up Future Carrington, we are disgusted that he did this, and behind Partington residents backs, it was a complete disgrace in our eyes, it is too late, it has all been accepted and the only thing on the side of the residents at this time is amazingly “Peel”

We have been on this before any other media, and done its best to inform residents of the pending doom, whilst some people claim that all the developments will be good for Partington in economical terms this is lunacy, since how is Partington going to move! or even breathe? the amount of pollution now is bad mostly down to industry.

Councillors have hoodwinked residents in to a false sense of security and acted in a odd way by not listening to the concerns of residents, one reporter went to the HIMOR consultations, the room was badly lit, very cramped, no signage! no where to place a cycle which shows you how they feel about protecting the environment and enhancing the health of people in the area!

People were very concerned about Manchester Road and the congestion issues, and other roads, many are still very concerned even now! and yet at planning stage held at Trafford HQ,  one Labour Partington councillor sadly voted with the Tories to get the Future Carrington development approved, this was a bad decision that will come back to bite this guy, who could not win an egg and spoon race previously although credit to him for the effort.

Making decisions that will cause alarm to an entire community or communities can be catestrophic, and I know he and the others who gave the green light to HIMOR at the planning meeting a while ago will be feeling some discomfort and maybe even hoping Peel Holdings get there way, so that Future Carrington can be halted, until proper road infrastructure is in place.


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