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Trafford South Foodbank manager Overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the community

Due to the cruel way the government are treating people, more so those on the bread line and often to those who are working! food banks have been very important to many people all over the UK, Trafford has its own food banks and as expected are expected to be very busy at this time of year.

With the big named high street stores and others helping out this Christmas, the generosity is often overwhelming, because of this generosity by Trafford residents and business the food bank has enough supplies to help everyone this Christmas, although will need more donations in the new year.

Universal Credit is the benefit that is causing most of the problems, of course some people can find themselves in a bad situation for no fault of their own.

The manager offered a message today on its Facebook page that we wanted to publish so that everyone can see it.

Trafford South Food bank Manager Nicky said: “Whilst in my new post as TS food bank manager, I inevitably encounter lots of sadness and injustice that our neighbours friends and people living within our community are struggling to put food on the table.

“It’s often just one thing that has gone wrong in someone’s life that puts them there. I have met a man who started his own business, then his van broke down and he hadn’t got the money to fix it leaving him with a six-week wait for benefits.

“I have met a lady whose partner died leaving her with 4 children and a long wait for benefits, unable to even afford the funeral and many more such cases.

“Yet there is another side to my job an uplifting and encouraging side.
I also work in our warehouse in TImperley and have seen donations pouring in, these come from schools, clubs, businesses, groups and individuals.

“A lady who visited our warehouse said it made her feel very emotional seeing it all. I feel the same , it is overwhelming to see such kindness and generosity mixed with the sadness that we even have to do such a thing in our community.

“However it seems we do, now more than ever as Universal Credit is impacting more people and our food bank’s are busier than ever.
“To all that have helped, all our volunteers that uncomplainingly work in often very difficult circumstances a massive Thank You. It is a very humbling experience and I have learned so much.

“Have a lovely Christmas, Nicky xx.”



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