Warning not to go anywhere near a damaged tree that could fall at anytime in Sale

Some residents have told us about a tree that has bent over like a bow on a small wooded area off Cherry Lane in Sale, the tree is listing over a well used path.


We went to investigate and found the tree had been somehow bent over, maybe through the wind it had weakened, we can confirm this tree is in a dangerous state and have reported it to One Trafford.

The tree looks to be very heavy, and if it fell on anyone, it would do some serious damage, we ‘suggest’ people do not walk under this tree and for parents to warn their children not to be going anywhere near it until the tree unit has been and made the area safe.

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  1. Trafford will just leave it to fall like they did with the tree on the park near me they said they dont have the people to do it any more. If tgey didnt allow the ivy to grow up the tree they woulnt become damaged just a thought prevention is better than cure

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