Happy New Year

We wish all our readers a Happy New Year for 2018 with safety advice and a look back in 2017

As we look back on what has been one amazing year in Trafford we want to first wish all our readers a Happy New Year and to stay safe during the celebrations.

Thanks to all who has helped News4Trafford over the year, our sources have been brilliant this year, and sent in some great photos, we look forward to working with you more in 2018, we have had some adverts from Trafford business, we will keep these free if you are starting out, or you are a small firm.

We also suggest bringing a padded jacket with you if you are going out tonight as the chances of some rain are fairly high.

Do not walk home by yourself, always stick with others, or bring a friend with you if you leave a group, keep switched on at all times, we always tell people not to be putting their mobiles in a back pocket, always have valuables zipped up and secure.

Handbags can be made secure by holding them under the arm, do not leave bags unattended at the bar or elsewhere, we also suggest not to be leaving your drink and then returning to it, many drinks get spiked that way.

If getting a cab make sure its a licensed one,

Do not be frightened if you need help, if in a dangerous situation always call 999.

2017 was an amazing year, it seemed to us like one of campaigning, and concern at what the government are doing at a local and national level, we saw Trafford people sticking up for each other like never before, understanding that everyone has more rights than first thought.

It is correct that people wanted to fight to get something done, like  bins flowing with dog poop bags and other rubbish, it must have felt like everyone was against the Tories this year, and One Trafford! we expect the same again in 2018.

We have been somewhat critical throughout the year of all councillors, this was never a personal matter, but one of observation, it is true the stunt Trafford Labour played in the last meeting of 2017 was nothing but a disaster, how this has harmed the party we shall see at the local elections.

The disgrace of seeing people having to do the councils work on a park in Sale was more than enough to show something was not working, we agree the council was wrong to shove of all of Trafford’s front line services to a firm with a dodgy great track record, and one that really only cares about its profits and shareholders.

The fight is clearly getting stronger in the hearts of Trafford people, and we love it! we saw one man who had been fighting for proper gates and fencing in Priory Woods, this guy is still fighting, he asked News4Trafford to help, we got him the help within a week or so, sadly it was nowhere near enough and so the fight continues.

Sadly we covered some deaths in the borough and outside of it, one of the most difficult stories we have ever covered was the one in Walkden, where all those children died in a house fire, the cyclists that have died in Trafford was also very hard to cover.

2018 is going to be a mega year for all in Trafford, with the Local Elections taking place, HIMOR starting their Carrington village and likely the other development will get the thumbs up to start next year also.

Much more to come, and we will give you the best coverage possible, working hard every day of the year to bring you the stories that matter.

Thanks for your support in 2017 and here’s to a great new year.




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