Stagecoach changes its bus fares from January 2

Stagecoach buses will be changing its fares right across Manchester on January 2nd.

Bus services in Trafford are affected including 255 and 256 and 15, other services are also affected.

In some cases fares will decrease depending on what ticket you buy, and the company also wants people to use the mobile app as it is slightly cheaper than buying direct from a bus.

For an adult single journey costing between £1.30 and £1.60 will be £1.50 from Jan 2, so the cheaper your ticket the more you will have to pay.

A child or concessionary fares will be similar, a fare of 60p to 80p will be 70p.

An adult day rider will be £4.40 from a mobile but £4.50 from a bus, Megarider 7 day adult ticket will be £14.50 and a child/concession easy rider will be £7.50, if you buy a month ticket this will see the biggest increases that ticket will be £58.

No planned changes to the following fares in Greater Manchester:

  • £2 single fare offer between 7pm and midnight
  • Fares after midnight £2.50 between Manchester and East/West Didsbury  on Wilmslow Road. £3 on other services
  • Annual megarider
  • Magic dayrider, magicrider 7 day
  • Wigan dayrider, Wiganrider 7 day
  • Middleton dayrider
  • School services provided under contract to TfGM
  • £1 fare for dogs -valid for travel for one day

You can find out more on the changes HERE


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