One Trafford

Potholes and bad road surfaces on the rise in Trafford

Potholes have been a problem for years in Trafford, and it is the responsibility of the council to fix them, they have enough money to do so.


Residents have taken to social media to vent their frustrations about potholes that in some cases has cause damage to people’s cars, we saw one pothole in Davyhulme that badly needed filling as it was very deep, we have seen badly filled potholes where it should have been smoothed out, and road surfaces on Cherry Lane in Sale and outside of a school are very bad, also parts of Sinderland Lane towards Partington have been reported with cracks in the surface that make it dangerous for cyclists.

The A56 has been a nightmare, more so along Washway Road from Eastway junction towards the Pelican Pub, One Trafford filled the potholes, and signs have now gone up telling motorists of pending work, although nothing is listed on the Highways England search, it is expected a full or partial resurface will take place.


One Trafford will fix all the potholes at some point though, but need people to contact them, we suggest and fully recommend everyone to join a scheme that has been running for many years, called ‘Street Champions’ this gives you the advantage over normal reporting.

As a Street Champion you are also the eyes and ears of your community, you can view more on the long running scheme HERE

You can also contact One Trafford on 03330 035865 to report potholes and anything else you see like fly tipping etc.

Highways England have a website where you can find out about planned roadworks in your area, you can check by clicking this LINK

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