Flu cases rise in Greater Manchester we offer some advice

The so-called ‘Australian Flu’ bug has hit some parts of Greater Manchester hard this winter, mostly in Bolton and Bury, however in Trafford things are steady for the moment according to a flu survey website which you can view HERE

So what can we do to protect ourselves from catching a cold or flu? here are some simple but good points that will help keep you bug free this winter:

  • Use anti-bacterial gel on hands when you are going anywhere
  • Wash hands when you get in or when eating food with your hands
  • If someone sneezes near you without covering up try to walk away or step back a couple of strides
  • keep yourself warm and if it rains make sure you have good protection on
  • Have a good well-balanced diet

If you already have a cold, or Flu depending on how severe we suggest to do the normal things you would normally do, we have found Lucozade original to be a great thing to have as a pick me up during a cold (If you do not have diabetes), also the use of Vicks Inhaler is a must! this works in wonderful ways to clear your stuffed up nose, buy some medicine like Covonia or Lemsip.

Flu though is different and rest is important, getting something down you rich in vitamins and minerals is a must and plenty of warm drinks, it is important to get help from your GP as soon as you can if things get worse, the doctor may put you on a course of antibiotics.

The elderly and those with a lung issue needs to be watched carefully when flu is around, it is hoped that these and other vulnerable people have had the flu jab, which you can get now! from your GP.

You can view more about the Flu via NHS Choices Here 

Always consult your GP if you have other issues that could make things worse, we presume by now if you have diabetes or any other problem you will have had your flu jab by now.


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  1. Lucozade is a glucose drink dangerous to diabetics. Over increasing your blood sugar does not give you energy, it makes you tired and more prone to infections.
    I’m surprised any brands are being promoted here.


    • Hi Lynne, thanks for flagging this up for us, no idea why this was not included, you are correct and hope the update is to your liking, thanks for contacting us and hope you have a nice weekend.


  2. Also be careful what you take if you have high blood pressure. All the sights recommend Ibuprofen. Don’t take this. If you have BP get advice. Same with some cough mixtures.


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